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Kendra Riconosciuto

Kendra Riconosciuto

Financial Advisor

Kendra is passionate about helping you define and build plans to reach your financial goals. This is more than math for Kendra – her kind demeanor and thoughtful approach make her easy to talk to. While she loves spreadsheets and digging into details, she won't drag you through the details unless you ask. She wants to meet you where you are at in your finances.  

Kendra has been in finance since 2007 and brings experience from her role at a major investment firm as well as a
consultant to financial advisors. Kendra came back to the advice side of finance because she feels she has the greatest impact in working with real people on their financial goals. 

Kendra grew up in the Lacey/Olympia area. She now lives in Steilacoom with her husband, Alfonzo, their two little ones and their cat Bowie.

More about Kendra:

Memorable Money Moment:  I remember stopping at a convenience store with my aunt. Every time we went, we each had one dollar to spend. One cousin bought her favorite soda, the other cousin saved everything. My brothers bought their favorite candy bars and finished them immediately. I always thought that was "reckless". As for me - I picked the candy with the most pieces. At the earliest age, my strategy was to maximize my candy budget and ration out the pieces over the week. Mambas are still one of my favorite candies today!

First Job: Hostess at Brewery City Pizza in Lacey - still an absolute favorite!

Organizations that are important to me:  National MS Society, Lakewood Rotary