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Amy Gresswell

Amy Gresswell

Receptionist and Operations Associate

Amy has built a career out of taking care of people. With a hospitality industry background, Amy understands the importance and value of providing the best service possible. She is the first smiling face you see when entering our office and the friendly voice you hear when you call. Amy manages our day to day operations and keeps the office running. As a lifelong learner, Amy’s goal is to get her securities licenses within the next 2 years. When she’s not in the office, Amy enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and of course, baking.

More About Amy:  

What characteristics do you admire most in others?

Kindness and honesty.  I feel as though these two qualities are very important not only just in general but I feel they are essential in being able to build long and lasting relationships.

Memorable Money Moment: When I was 5 or 6 years old, I wanted to open a lemonade stand. I remember that it was not summer or even sunny out. I didn’t care - I was determined to open up my little lemonade stand. I set up in the front yard and before I knew it I had people stopping to buy lemonade. By the time that I was done, I had made $90! At that age, it felt like a million dollars. My parents were shocked at how much I made. They were definitely proud that I had set my mind on something that I wanted to do and I made it happen. That night I decided to treat my family to ice cream and I remember being so excited I was able to. This experience made me appreciate the value of a dollar and even more so knowing that I worked for it. 

Organizations that are important to me: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)