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Summer Activity - Financial Literacy for Kids

June 17, 2021
A few months back, I (Kendra) took Amelia, my 6-year-old, into a new local gift shop. She immediately found the softest stuffed animal hedgehog. I braced myself for her to beg me to buy another stuffed animal we do not need – and the exaggerated display of emotions that always follows. Instead, she flipped the tag over and yelled “22 dollars! We’ll go bankrupt if we spend that kind of money!!” There were a few laughs in the store – but I was left in shock. Where had my kid learned this?!
We (Greg and Kendra) educate and advise on finances daily. We also recognize – it’s not that easy to talk or educate about money outside the safety of our office. Case in point – my 6-year-old, apparently on the brink of bankruptcy. The reality is our culture is not great about talking about money. We are taught early that money is a taboo topic. Discomfort aside, how do you learn good money habits if nobody talks about it? As parents, grandparents, teachers, family, and friends – we are teaching the next generation of kids about money – despite the fact that it makes most people incredibly uncomfortable. So how do we do it?
Greg and I have worked on assembling resources to create healthy finance discussions for you to have with the kids in your life. After all, you are their financial advisor. Be on the lookout for more information and ideas to come!