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Quaterly Investor Call Recap

May 03, 2021
Thanks to all who were able to join us last week for our Quarterly Investor Call. We welcomed Devon Barker, Regional Consultant for Meeder Investment Management.
Devon began his talk by providing an overview of tactical asset management. He then compared conventional versus holistic portfolio construction. The intent was to describe different styles of managing investments and how those styles respond to various market conditions.
Devon also outlined the different cycles of “Market Emotions”. That’s (how investors respond emotionally to market conditions). There is frequently a disconnect between how we ‘feel’ we should invest versus the strategy we should actually employ. Unfortunately, investors tend to react emotionally and make changes to portfolios at the wrong time.
Cycle of Investor Emotions
Cycle of Investor Emotions
Finally, Devon ended with some expectations for short-, intermediate- and long-term market results. Meeder remains very optimistic overall. The intermediate-term model is somewhat cautious, but short-term and long-term models predict a positive environment.
Click HERE to view a replay of our Quarterly Investor Call.
Our next call is scheduled for Monday, July 26th at 4:00 pm.
Neither Devon Barker nor Meeder Investment Management is affiliated with Shelgren Financial Group or the Lincoln Investment family of companies.