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Market Recap (June 15 2020)

June 15, 2020
Volatility returned last week as the market took a breather from recent gains. Solid growth on Monday turned to mixed results mid-week and significant losses by Thursday. Friday’s late day rally helped to blunt the overall decline, but nonetheless all major indices posted losses for the week. 
A surge in COVID -19 cases (in some states), remarks from the Federal Reserve and investor concerns regarding the continued economic recovery drove the market selloff.
Weeks like this serve as a reminder that we will likely continue to see volatility in the coming months. It can be downright scary to see such steep declines in such a short period of time. Certainly, our resolve is being tested. 
While we probably sound like a broken record, we encourage you to keep your emotions in check and stick to your plan. With history as our guide, we know that every single previous market decline has not only recovered but gone on to new highs.  
As always, we are here to answer your question and address your concerns. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.