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Market Recap (June 1 2020)

June 01, 2020
Last week was a shortened trading week due to the Memorial Day Holiday. Positive news drove gains on Tuesday and Wednesday, while concerns over trade tensions with China led to modest losses on Thursday and Friday. Overall, the markets posted solid gains for the second week in a row.
Today marks 10 weeks since the market lows of March 23rd. While we’ve seen a remarkable recovery so far, much uncertainty remains. Opinions differ on whether we will continue to see market growth or retest the lows of 10 weeks ago.
How are you feeling about the current market cycle? Our strategic partners at Russell Investments have created a chart of the ‘Emotional Cycle of the Market.’ 
What’s interesting about this chart is that the very point at which we feel most pessimistic about investing is also the point of maximum financial opportunity. In other words, when you’re feeling worst, opportunity is best. We hope you find this perspective valuable.
As always, we are here to answer your questions and address your concerns. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.