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Lemonade Day 2021

September 03, 2021
We began our summer with a few ideas on how to engage kids in discussions about savings and goals, shared our early money stories and last, gave an idea on an opportunity for kids to learn while earning. Lemonade day was this last weekend and we hope you had an opportunity to support a young entrepreneur.
Lessons learned:

  1. Goals are fun! Amelia's goal was to make $25 selling lemonade. She could not believe she made $92 dollars!! (and neither could I)
  2. Sharing is important. Even though Sawyer "only helped a little", Amelia decided to split everything with him.
  3. Counting change. If a cup of lemonade is $1 and someone gives you $5 - what should you give them? "4 more cups of lemonade!" said Sawyer.
  4. Saying thank you matters. The kids were amazed every time they were handed a dollar. Seeing the genuine excitement when they said thank you was worth more than a cup of lemonade!
The biggest takeaways of lemonade day and hopefully, for our summer financial literacy ideas - are that money and savings should be part of regular discussions with kids. The rewards for all are truly exponential!